Haldun Taner: Log Book
This book focuses on Haldun Taner’s plays, with the exception of his 'cabarets', in terms of his approach to the audience and his route and sailing in theater. But this study has also been a sailing adventure for the route of the mind of its writer.
The table entitled 'Dramatic Map of Haldun Taner' formed by the data obtained trough a surface reading of his plays, became the main source of this book.
Esen Çamurdan tries to explore the main problematic of the plays and the reflection of the chaos in social structure on the structure of the plays.

(This title is currently only available in Turkish.)


Foreword, 9
1. A general view of Haldun Taner’s Dramatic Map, 13
2. The problematic İnability to the “Act” and “Be”, 21
2.1. Binary Oppositions, 21
2.2. Main Characters and Society, 26
2.3. The Rejected Subject Taking Refuge, 30
2.4. The Problem of Society Seeking İdentity, 33
3. Chaos in Social Structure Reflected in the Structure of the Text, 37

3.1. Oppositions by Way of Diachrony, 37
3.1.1. Narrators and Spatial and Temporal Shifting, 38
3.1.2. Disruption of Linearity Time by a Return to the Beginning, 44
3.2. Contradictory Positioning in Synchronous Plays, 47
3.2.1. Opened Form Plays, 47
3.2.2. Closed Form Plays, 4
4. Haldun Taner and the Audience, 57
4.1. Reversing the Audience’s Expectation: Play endings with a twist, 57
4.2. Exemplary Lesson, 70
4.3. Orientating of the Audience, 78
4.3.1. The Author Revealing Himself Through the Structure of the Text, 79
4.3.2. The narrator and the Chorus, 81
4.3.3. Other İnstances where the Author Reveals Himself, 86
4.4.4. What Haldun Taner Wants to See and Show, 87
Haldun Taner Plays, 101
Bibliography, 103
    Bilgi Yayınevi, Ankara