Contemporary Theatre and Dramaturgy
Esen Çamurdan who worked as a dramaturg for the Turkish State Theatres, defines dramaturgy and the function of the dramaturg through a survey of the historical development of dramaturgy with examples from world theatre. She also focuses on the relationship between the dramaturg-director and player on and off stage in a comparative study on world and Turkish theatres.

(This title is currently only available in Turkish.)


Foreword, 9

1.The change in the notion of staging and the emergence of the director, 13

Prologue, 13

Theatre in the 17th and 18th Centuries, 13

The Age of the Director Period in Theatre, 15

George II. Duke of Saxe Meiningen and his Theatre, 15

Antoine and Théâtre-Libre, 19

Otto Brahm, 23

Stanislavsky and The Moscow Art Theatre, 24

A New Concept of Theatre and the Notion of Staging, 28

2.Independence of Theatre and the Autonomy of its Elements

3.Structuralism, Semiotics and Theatre, 36

Sign, 39

Referent, 41

Structural analysis, 43

Space, 46

Stage, Stage Space, Theatrical Space, 49

Audience, 51

The Place of the Audience, 52

The Old and the New Approaches to Theatre, 54

4.Evolution of Dramaturgy in Contemporary Theatre, 58

History of Classical Dramaturgy, 58

The First Classical Dramaturgical Work In The West: Poetics, 59

Dramaturgy in the Classical Period, 62

Transition to Modern Dramaturgy: Lessing, 64

Hamburg Dramaturgy, 65

Lessing and Criticism, 66

The Concept of the Repertory and the Audience, 67

The Grand Disillusion of Lessing, 68

Brecht and Dramaturgy, 69

The New Concept of Dramaturgy, 72

Dramaturgy today, 74

5.The Place and Function of The Dramaturg in Theatre, 78

The Change in Dramaturgy and the Function of the Dramaturg, 79

Loyalty to the Author and the ideology in the text, 80

The Function of the Dramaturg in Berliner Ensemble, 81

The Work of the dramaturg from the text to the stage, 82

The Status and Function of the Dramaturg today, 84

Off-stage works, 85

On-stage works, 90

The Relationship Between Dramaturg-Director, 98

The Relationship Between Dramaturg- Player, 99

The Place of The Dramaturg within Teamwork, 100

The Division of Tasks Among Dramaturgs, Author-Dramaturgs, 102

Dramaturgs Who Do Not or Cannot Function, 103

Practices in Turkey, 104

Dramaturg-directors, 105

Dramaturg’s education, 107
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