Between Sobbing And Screaming
An attempt to read Aksal’s plays
This book is an attempt to a close reading of dramatic texts through an analysis of Sabahattin Kudret Aksal’s plays. Aksal’s oeuvre manifests two different dramatic structures and different demands from the audience.

(This title is currently only available in Turkish.)


Foreword, 7

1. Encircled in the circle, 9

1. Almost all the plays take place within the family, 10

2. İntruding Stranger and breaking of the circle, 13

3. Return to the begining (vicious cirçle), 19

4. The problematic of time, 21

5. System/Society versus individual, 27

6. Expectations retreated into dreams: What is real is dream, 34

7. Abstraction of appearance, 40

8. Married woman and Laughter, 46

9. The audience should remain as 'audience'

2. Becoming Nobody

1. Abstraction as a fundamental elements of structure, 51

2. Laughter by verbal play, 71

3. Characters who could never be themselves, 73

4. The removal of borders between Dream and Reality, 82

5. The wheel that grinds man, 95

6. A space without space, a time without time, 94

7. Fragmentation of language and man, 95

8. The audience as both witness and part of the play

Chronological table of plays, 99

Bibliography, 100
    Mitos-Boyut Yayınları, İstanbul